The Cream Range

All dimensions are shown in cm


Flatware is the name given to include our plates and pudding basins. Each item is packaged with an individual coloured label which details size. Care instructions are on reverse of label.

Dinner Plates
20 x 1.5D  645020  5012823130036
26 x 2.5D  645026  5012823130043

Pasta/Rice Plates
3.5 x 3.5D  645622  5012823130067

Pudding Basin
12 x 6.5D  659512  5012823130050


284ml / 1/2 pint capacity

8 x 8D  650008  5012823130128

Espresso Mug

125ml capacity

6 x 4.5D  652106  5012823130159

Milk Pan

650ml capacity

14 x 8D  654214  5012823130142

Tea Pot

1300ml capacity

14 x 18 inc lid.  669614  5012823130135

Pie Dishes

Pie dishes are available in Oblong or Round. Features of the ‘Falcon’ Oblong pie dish include a wide rim and ample depth making it ideal for baking pies and puddings. The enamel round pie dish ensures a crisper base for pastry.

Oblong Dishes
16 x 12 x 3.5D  644016  5012823130012
20 x 15 x 4.5D  644020  5012823130029

Round Dishes
18 x 3.5D  646518  5012823130074


Bakepans are available in 2 sizes and are ideal for roasting meat and deep enough for lasagne etc.

28 x 23 x 4.5D  661028  5012823130104
34 x 28 x 5D  661034  5012823130111


‘Falcon’ Roasters have a coloured label and are presented in an attractive coloured box. They are self basting and completely oven safe. The bases are ribbed for strength and even cooking. Keep your oven clean and brown your roast. Ideal for oven to table use.

Oval Roaster
26 x 19 x 13D  660026  5012823130081

Round Roaster
20 x 8.5D  660520  5012823130098

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